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You did not specify the STYLE of holster you'd like. So, I'll suggest one that I really like. The Gould and Goodrich Yaqui belt slide holster. Either #801-G20 (brown), or #B801-G20 (black) the P250c perfectly. They will also fit the full-size P250 with no problems....and the SC version as well.

The advantage of the Yaqui slide holster is twofold. First, since the type is an open bottom, belt slide type, it will automatically fit any barrel/ slide length of the same model, as long as the cross - sectional dimensions are close to the same. And, several different gun models (close in cross-section) will fit. Second, this holster has 2 tension adjustment screws, so the retention can be easily adjusted.....and the fit fine-tuned. So, this is a very flexible holster.

The Yaqui also sits close to the body, at least, as long as you wear your belt cinched fairly tightly. It is easy to conceal a compact sized gun with this holster. I carry my P250c and my (compact size) Stoeger Cougar....both pretty different in shape, but VERY close in overall size, using the Yaqui (though not the same holster - two different model #'s). They conceal nicely under a loose, untucked shirt.

The disadvantage is the same as with all similar style holsters - it doesn't offer much protection for the gun. This doesn't bother me - I can't stand a full pancake style holster anyway (digs into my side too much).
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