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Fullsized here.

I am fond of the 5" 1911 and yeah, I have to dress around the gun but that's ok because that's how I dress anyway. The thinness of it makes it possible and the long barrel is IWB so no problem there.

I haven't been in too many tense situations, but I understand than when it does happen that fine motor control goes out the window and at that point a larger pistol that is easy to shoot would be better than a compact gun.

The 1911 is such a gun. It has largish controls and sights and would be easier to shoot under stress than a similar compact pistol. I've considered going to an Officers model (3.5") but I would have a 5" barrel installed and perhaps even port the end of it, The butt is the hardest part to conceal anyway and one less round would not make the difference to the outcome anyway.
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