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If I get off enough shots 2-3 or whatever then I for one am getting away from the scene quickly.
If you get off "2-3 or whatever" shots, then you better not be running away from the scene unless you have failed to neutralize the threat. And even then, you better be on the phone with 911 explaining what you are doing and that you need some serious police help.

You run to avoid having to shoot. Once you have had to shoot, running is 99% of the time off of the table of options available to you.

The bad guy may be yards away shooting toward me, but for me rather than shoot back, escape is the proper defense. Carrying a gun does not inspire me to want to be a hero or make me invicable or stupid
He is yards away shooting at you and you want to run?.... I'm sorry, but that is a losing proposition in and of itself. That is the epitome of the situation in which you are expected to return fire and find cover. It would not make you the "hero" to return fire, it would mean that you have some common sense. Running in that situation would be the stupid choice.
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