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The Rossi is....

...a pretty good copy of the Winchester 92. Don't own one but have fired several and every one was smooth and a breeze to shoot. The .357 seems to be the best round as far as being able to do more with it.

The Heritage Arms are known more for their small bore revolvers than large bore. I have a Rough Rider in 22LR/22Mag that exactly matches what I paid for it. Suppose to be a scaled down copy of a Colt Single Action Army but I have trouble recongnizing it as such. The attraction is the two cylinders chambered in 22LR and 22 Mag, respectively, and the cheap price. Some people swear by their accuracy but mine shoots only so-so. They really do look like they were made in some third world country that just recently entered the Industrial Age. That being said they fit the purpose not unlike a golfer who takes only a driver to the range just to swat at a bucket of balls - they do use up a lot of cheap ammo when you need to get your mind off of things.
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