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May I suggest the Kahr P-380?
It weighs in under 10 ounces sans magazine, polymer frame, stainless everything else, and uses a LOCKED BREECH...not blowback.
Dimensionally it is similar to the LCP though I think a bit shorter, and taller, but definitely thinner at a mere 3/4".
I has a bold slide stop and excellent, conventional magazine release button. The frame shape keeps the slide well above the hand. Sights are beyond outstanding - steel, with white dot front and center white strip rear.
The gun is striker fired, and like a glock, cocks partially during chambering, then fully as the trigger is pulled. It uses a "cam" type sear release and has a short, smooth, light pull that must be felt to be believed.
The P-380 has no external safety other than not pulling the trigger. It does have a firing pin lock that only releases when the trigger is fully depressed.
The Kahr line is also made in America in Worcester, MA. They aren't cheap guns, but when you see one and handle it the reason is obvious.
The only caveat is that Kahr pistols generally require at least 200 rounds of break-in shooting, but with each shot the gun loosens up until you end up with a highly reliable, to quality pocket gun....oh, and it's VERY accurate!
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