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Your old Damascus shotgun is virtuously worthless. Actually, it is less than that, it is a liability. Please send it to me so that I can properly dispose of it.


Tests were done some years ago by a guy in the Double Gun Journal where he showed an old Damascus barrel was stronger than a steel barrel that was about the same age. He kept upping the loads/pressure on them until they burst. The Damascus barrels lasted the longest (I think they were Parker Brothers). It was under the "Finding out for myself" column.

As mentioned above - the real issue is the iron can rust our quicker than the steel in a damascus barrel. This can happen anywhere inside the barrel and can not easliy be determined. These guns were used with blackpowder shells, which can be quite corrosive if left untended corrosion can sneak up into the barrels and cause weak spots. And don't forget most old shotguns have short chambers - using 2 3/4" shells can add a pressure spike.

That being said, I have a 1894 Remington with Damascus barrels that I shoot on occasion with 2 1/2" low pressure smokelss powder shells. I bought the gun years ago in like new condition and had it checked out be a competant gunsmith before firing. I also clean it immediatley after shooting.
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