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10 yards is way too close for steel. I wouldn't get closer than 20 yards and I would make sure the angle of impact was such that the bullet is going to go in a direction where there are no people (or cars). Down into the ground or off to one side. Angle the plate slightly and make sure it stays where you put it. Shooting at a swinger WHILE it is swinging is a VERY bad idea. Wait for it to stop. I was standing next to a guy who was doing this with a .44 Spl. revolver DA rapid fire and the plate batted one back to him and struck him right between the eyes. No eye protection. He went down hard and stayed down for a while. He was very very lucky. The bullet was a 240 gr. SWC and it was fully intact laying at his feet. Be very careful when shooting steel and stop and think about what might happen IF one comes back to the line. Everyone in the area needs to have eye protection, no exceptions. Steel is great fun but is much less forgiving than paper. I know of one case where a boy was killed at a steel match.

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