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are you saying Colt because it's your brand of choice, or do you have other brands to compare their 1911's to?
I have a Colt and I also have two Kimbers.
They are all about equal in accuracy - the Colt having had some minor work done on it by Colt's custom shop - smoothed up trigger, beveled the mag well, decent sights - probably a hand fit bushing.
Nothing major..
I paid roughly the same amount for the Colt and each of the Kimbers - $950-ish a dozen years ago.

There's a lot of good 1911's out there. Some are a real good value also.

IMHO - Kimber charges a lot just for their name. I don't feel Kimber is worth the money. - again - IMHO only.
I like my Kimbers, but, were I to do it over again, I'd probably go with Springfield instead.
I feel SA gives a better bang for the buck...
Again - my opinion only.

Fishbed pretty well nailed it about the Colt.
Colt is the original & it's still the best.
In another 100 years, the Colt name and the 1911 will still be used pretty much interchangably, as they were when I was a kid in the 50's/60's.

Back then we didn't call t a 1911, we called it a Colt .45 or just plain .45 for short...
It was assumed that when someone said "I have a .45", that they had a Colt.
You won't find that with any other 1911 - better or worse than a Colt.
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