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Thanks for the attention you've been giving this thread everyone, not trying to step on anyone's toes or completely disregard anyone's suggestions.

SR420, did a little more checking up on the Sage and I could not find the ALCS/CV at Clyde's, the cheapest I can find it is for $699 from desert warrior products. That puts my total build cost at roughly $930. Includes MOE stock and ARMS 18 mount but not shipping. Little high for my liking.

Total build cost for the MFS-14 is $838.88. That includes the $23 bedding kit from McMillan, a buffer tube, an MOE stock, and an ARMS 18 mount. Not sure about shipping. I'd have to wait 3-4 months as well. This is also assuming I can learn to correctly bed the action myself...

Total build cost for the VLTOR is approximately $800.80 includes MOE stock, ARMS 18 mount, and shipping. It's the quickest and cheapest but I have a sinking feeling I may end up dissatisfied with it.
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