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Crest grinding has never really bothered me, a lot of countries did that before the rifles left the arsenals. The biggest one that comes to mind are the Argentine Mausers, a lot of them (I'd be willing to say at least 75%) had the crests taken off the receiver by the Argentine military.

I will +1 the tactical garbage, I'm sorry there is no such thing as a tactical Mosin Nagant M44... It may pain people to read this but it's true...

My biggest pet peeve on surplus rifles is people letting them rot... I've seen some pretty awful 'sporterized' rifles in my day... I'm talking I don't even know what it started as. But usually the people keep them up because they either hunt with them or try to make a target gun from them. What I hate is grandpa passing on his Kar98 capture that he brought back to his grandson who lets it sit in the corner of the untreated basement or in the attic...
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