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Free Frontsight membership

Hi all,

I appear to be new here. However, I was a member years ago before the board shut-down and Oleg created THR. Then with the legal issues with THR I went to the spin off until that one was shut-down. I just can't seem to get excited about the curent THR..... My user name is the same at all sites. I always read way more than I post.

Anyway, I thought I would follow the lead of a member of Calguns and give away a Frontsight membership. I gave one away over there and thought I would give one here as well. I feel I have learned a lot from the people on these boards and I could give back just a little bit. The one I am offereing here is actually assigned to my wife. But she doesn't want to do anything with assigning or selling it. So, she leaves it to me.

Front Sight has recently given all lifetime members a gift membership. This is a lower level membership and I am just passing it on. It only covers 2 day classes for defensive handgun, practical rifle and tactical shotgun, so it is not for everyone.

If you want it, please either write a note or send a PM with a few sentences explaining why I should give it to you. I will be the sole judge of who it will be awarded to.

This is purely a gift to who I think deserves it most.

But, be aware, if you accept this free membership and actually go to training, I fully believe you will then want to upgrade to be able to take advantage of other classes. The problem with this is, your upgrade options will proabaly be limited to upgrading through Frontsight directly through one of their many offers. Many of the Diamond level memberships held by current members cannot be transfered to current life members. So this membership excludes you from that avenue.

Let the games begin..............

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