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Thank you! Allen is the third suburb North of Dallas on Hwy 75. I'll actually be traveling through the Panhandle this weekend. But it will be on a whirlwind trip driving to Nebraska with my wife to pick up our granddaughter (3), so she can spend a week with us. During the trip, we'll also be heading to Iowa to go to our granddaughter-in-law's baby shower. And of course we'll have to make a couple other quick stop to see some of the other kids, even if it is just for a moment. It's a lot to squeeze in for a weekend and I have to be at work Monday morning. Obviously I won't have a chance to swing by your place. But I do appreciate the offer and will very much keep it in mind for when I have a bit more time.

And the invitation goes both ways. If you get down this way then drop me a PM.

Thanks again,
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