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My wife wants to get into .223 (from .22) target shooting.
What is a really low recoil, quiet, rifle/ammo?
Any accessories that can help with that too?
Can be heavy long barrel or whatever because she and I shoot on the ground, off an ATV, or on a table rig.
I realise it's a .223 and won't be exactly like a quiet/low recoil .22
The only way to make a really low recoil, quiet 223 rifle is to use a long barrel and a silencer. A muzzle brake will make it louder. Using standard ammo creates a sonic boom and the blast from 26 gains of powder is too much to be reduced enough with a silencer to eliminate the need for ear muffs in an enclosed area such as a rifle line. Out in the open a suppressed supersonic223 may be hearing safe.

While subsonic 223 ammo (w/+70 grain bullets) is much more powerful than typical 40 grain subsonic 22lr, it has nearly the same trajectory limitations and can be difficult to hit a target past 200 yards. It will make much less noise than the standard 223 load though.

I have a TC contender in 22 K-hornet that works well with my 223 can.

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