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You'll find that type of carry method and what gear to use will vary on opinion as much as the opinion's on what type pistol to carry...and, at the end of the day, just like what pistol we choose to carry and for the same reason's we choose that particular pistol(it does the intended job and we're most comfortable with it) is the same reason's we choose the mode of carry and type of holster/rig we pick.

I'm no expert by any means but I'll give you a couple of my thoughts/preferences:

1) doesn't matter which style holster you choose, if it attach's to your belt, then a good belt is paramount. It's the foundation of your rig.

2)with either style holster you choose, get a good,sturdy holster that gives the gun support and stays where you put it. You don't want the pistol shifting around in the holster nor do you want the holster shifting locations on your belt.

3)regardless of which style you choose, you'll have difficulty when traveling, seat belted in the car with either discomfort or being able to access quickly.

4) inspect your holster for wear and when the leather softens or stretch's and gets loose on your belt or your pistol gets loose, replace it.

For the most part, I pocket carry. When I do carry on my side I prefer leather Bianchi paddle holsters. They work for me as the paddle style seems to spread the bulky feeling of the rig out a bit.

Too, I'm sure you will get more valuable response's. Bottom line is you'll probably end up with many style's before settling on one that suits you.
Again remember, no matter what, a good belt is essential.

Started on this response early this morning before any posts and just now finishing it hours later.

Shadi Khalil had a very good question...

What kind of gun?
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