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I'd recommend you use the Snakebite bullet from Big Lube for any BP 38SPL or 357 mag. I was unable to develope a load that was BOTH accurate AND low foulingfor use in CAS matches. I had a great BP load that shot 1.5" groups at 50yds but needed a "pull through" wet swab every 10 rounds to maintain accuracy due to fouling. I also had a BP load that would shoot all day without fouling but due to the beeswax discs (medium brood core) it shot 5-6" groups at 50 yards so I was missing some far targets. I tried the Snakebite bullet but it did not feed reliably enough in my two Rossi '92s so I could not use that one (had my heart set on it). What I settled on was 15grs by weight of 777 under ANY 158gr bullet using standard lubes or BP lubes in a 357 case. No BOOM but accurate and feeds fine. The 777 was a hotter/faster load:
BP or sub(50yds)= POW..............ding
777 (50yds) = POW........ding
For real BP I would try the Snakebite. You can get samples from
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