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Really IMO you buy a glock . I have never owned a glock but have shot them . They are what every body compares there guns to

Speak for yourself. I compare guns to my Sigs and CZs.
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Well, I will not say what I really compare a glock to, I am sure the moderator would boot me for a while, shoot, maybe even permanently .

Suffice to say they rate down there with Saturday night specials in days gone by in my book.

The guns everyone compares guns to are classics like the 1911, Walther PPK and newer ones like S&W DAs (now gone ) Sig and HK.

And yes, most of the DA/SA types (with exposed hammers) can be fired SA if you want that finer touch. I do it myself even in a HD check of a bump in the night if its a really serious sounding one.

I have a smattering of experience with the 1911s (great trigger). Not enamored with it like some but if you want just a target gun it sure fits a bill there.

The DA/SA Sigs and HKs are the class of the group these days with some claiming CZ (no personal experience on those but they seem to be more inconsistent as to how one shoots vs another one, ie a wider range of quality control). Walther has a following though I would need to shoot one as the trigger setup seems to have too many options.

I am fine with poly, and have actively shot the HK P30 and like it a lot. All the HKs I handled USP/P2000 all had the finest feeling grip of any period. Price is a shocker, but its a very good gun and I would own one if not for the price.

I did buy a Sig SP2022 and its worth a look and test. Price vs value in my estimation it gets you about 98% of what the higher priced Sigs and HKs get you at half the cost (or less). If the government went with that philosophy in buying hardware we would all have lower taxes!

So, start at the top looking, not the bottom and good luck with the selection process!
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