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Wally world is selling plastic ammo cans of CCI Mini Mag .22LR 1600 rounds for $99. So you can now get a little better pricing on the mini mag, and you buying in bulk, and get a $5 Plano ammo can out of the deal, (not a big deal,..).

They just started selling it, in this packaging, at the end of last month, in my area. Ive been paying around $25 for Federal bulk packs, count is 525 I think. Id steer clear of the Remington bulk packs, Ive bought some real garbage recently. Wont hardly cycle a 10/22. Ive also been buying some Winchester bulk packs, and them seem ok, but I like the mini mags best.
Are these the "coated/jacketed" mini-mags are "un-coated/un-jacketed"? If they are the coated, I'm going to do my best to find these at my local store!
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