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RE-ignated my AR fever

Yesterday while in "the city" for a Dr. Appt. I happened to stop by Academy Sporting goods nad there in the gun rack was a Remington R-15 VTR Carbine except instead of the normal camo pattern it was a nice matte black and only $899. I had sort of given up on looking at AR's due overload of options and price for the one or two I actually liked.

This black R-15 I have not seen before but it still has the main features I really liked, clean flat top, round aluminum fore end, free floating barrell, A2 Style full stock, and single stage trigger, plus $200 less than the camo models. So I am back in the fever mode again.

Question: I know the Fore end on the R-15 is drilled to be able to add rails easily, but do you know if it is drilled on top as well so a flip up front site could be added actually placed on the fore end, with a flip up rear site on the receiver? I didn't think to look at it that closely while there.
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