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Out of the 3 guns you mention, the only one I have experience with is the Rossi 1892.

The jury is still out on mine. I have shot it very little primarily because it has been in pieces most of the time since I got it. I took the hand grip off to refinish the wood and found out it could not be put back on due to poor manufacturing. It took me a few weeks of looking for answers and modification of the barrel band screw to re-attach it.

I field stripped the action to smooth obviously rough fitting components and have yet to be able to reassemble it so that it works. Still don't know exactly what's wrong, but I am getting closer.

When I do get it working again, it will still have a front sight and rear sight dovetail that are not square with each other and there will be no way to fix that. The misalignment is only a couple of degrees but it is noticeable. At short range plinking, I think it will be OK, which is what I got it for.

Personally, I would gladly pay more for an 1892 lever action if I knew it was properly made and put together, and would shoot 38 spl. I don't think that rifle exists unfortunately.

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