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Re: Clearcoat; yea. I got a can of satin clear coat and tried it on a test piece. Looks like gloss to me! There's a craft store here that may have the matte stuff, or perhaps one of the better auto parts stores. One of my missions for this weekend.

Re: The CDI bottom metal: I don't have a lot of experience with various makes of bottom metal, but I'm very pleased with the part, and the company. I purchased the piece for this rifle when I was using a HS Precision stock; much different grip profile than the A5. I did the HS myself with a dremel (not for the faint of heart). But when I received the A5, one look told me that I'd not be able to DIY. I mailed the stock to CDI on Sept.12, watched the tracking number to make sure they took delivery. I called them that afternoon and talked to Pam, asked for an ETA. While on the phone, she went and got my package, and since I was just asking for inletting and not waiting on parts, she informed me that she'd push me to the front of the line! I didn't ask her to; she just did. The stock was in the mail back to me on the 18th. They (and the CNC) did a great job on the stock, and I couldn't be more pleased with them as a company. If I had more rifles that needed such a thing, you can bet they'd be first if not only choice.

How's it shoot? Well, one of the reasons I ditched the HS PST012 was that I never felt like I could get comfortable behind the rifle. On the bench, after 40-50 rounds my wrist would start hurting too, just cause the grip angle. I also had problems with recoil control for follow up shots; the rifle didn't want to stay put no matter the grip, shooter position, bipod height, etc. The A5 obviously is fully adjustable. My first few trips to the range with it have shown much much improvement for stability, follow up, and overall comfort. Plus, it just looks Bad A$$. It's always been a 1/2 moa shooter with the right hand loads and Federal GMM, so I can't claim that the B&C did something magical for group sizes. It just feels good.

Thanks for the comments guys. I have a co-worker who did two tours in Eastern Afghanistan as an Army Sniper (101st Airborne). They did their own camo religiously, and I got his thumbs up approval this morning. So I feel like I did it right now.

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