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true. I guess I don't really feel the need for a CCW at this point in my life. Maybe it'll take getting held up at knifepoint to make me change my mind. Either way, I think I have a better chance of a meteor landing on me than getting mugged in my neighborhood
Odds of a male being robbed in a year in the US is 1 in ~300. Now, being in a good neighborhood might help, but not enough to make those odds better than being hit by a meteor.

Odds of being hit by a meteorite are more than extremely small....only 4 people have been hit by one since 1920 (and only one was a direct hit). If I was going to be even more detailed, meteors never hit the earth so the chances of one of them landing on you is exactly zero.

You probably weren't looking for exact numbers....but I just thought I would put it a little more into perspective since you seem like an "odds" guy.
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