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Luger_carbine quotijng another post offered the following:

"The career bureaucrats of the Phoenix office of the BATFE ginned up operation Fast and Furious and got it blessed by the US AG for AZ. "

Pardon me for asking a possibly dumb question. The "career bureaucrats" mentioned in the quote, our British cousins might describe then as "senoir civil servants" , supposedly operate in the public interest. How come these "career bureaucrats" or whatever one might call them were operarting in a manner so far removed from the interests of the public?

This aspect of the situation leaves the following question standing there, awaiting an answer. Given that these "public servants/career bureaucrats" weren't operating in the public interest, or in a manner that might foster the interests thereof, in whose interests were these "career bureaucrats" operating, and how come it appears that those interests were so far removed from those of the public, that unloved group who pay the bills, who employ these same "career bureaucrats"?

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