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Sounds like some of you have the right idea. I'm nearly 70 and always lived within my budget. That meant no fancy vacations when we were young, no boat, skiing trips, you get the idea. We saved what we could, invested it in the market, paid our bills, and got along with life.

We gave our kids our time and some nice things, but they learned at an early age that nice things cost a lot of money, and they did without a few of them. Certainly not all of them. We put our kids through college by paying cash for tuition, and they worked summer jobs to help with costs. Today both are in management positions with large companies and moving upward, and both have nice investment accounts for themselves.

We retired a few years ago and now have the money to do whatever we want. I started out buying a few guns as I could manage the purchase, mostly using my National Guard drill pay to fund the purchases. I am now in a position that I can buy anything (nearly) that I want, and we don't lack for anything.

It's all about managing your money. You absolutely HAVE to invest in your future. No one else is going to do that for you, certainly not the government. Set aside a small amount every week or month for fun purchases until you can afford to do more. It's not necessary to have everything right now. That gun will be here tomorrow too.
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