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I have not shot this particular gun but based on handling it in the store it seems more refined than the Taurus, which is typical when comparing the two brands. The S&W costs significantly more money though. The extra round is nice but not a huge deal. The ability to shoot .45acp is useful for making target practice less expensive because of easily available factory ammo.

IMHO the .410/.45 revolvers are somewhat like a Leatherman multi-tool. It's not the best tool for any particular situation but it has a tool for everything in one simple package. A real (fill in the blank) is better than the one on the multi-tool. However, you have to lug around a single version of everything and possibly not end up even using it and it takes up alot of space.

That said, I can imagine them being useful/practical in certain survival scenarios because of the advantages of the "all calibers in one" platform. The ability to carry one gun saves weight and space. The .410 can be used with birdshot for collecting small game animals or killing vermin. The .45LC if loaded properly can be used for protection against or hunt anything smaller than 500lbs. The .45acp is good for defense against humans (although the .45LC will do just as well if not better) and can be reloaded quicker than the rimmed bcause of the use of moonclips. Plus, it is a more common caliber than the rest and would be easier to locate if your own supply of ammo runs out.

So, that's my .02 about them.
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