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Just one guy's opinion, but I've used and own both.

If you're in a position where you need to remove your firearm on occasion - such as police officers who must remove sidearms and secure them in lockers before entering certain parts of court buildings; or even a lawfully armed civilian who wants to enter a commercial business with a "no firearms allowed" sign posted - then a paddle holster makes sense. It allows you to remove and replace your firearm/holster with the least inconvenience.

If you're NOT in that sort of position, however, get a belt holster. In my experience belt holsters do a better job of ensuring your firearm stays in the same location and position on your body, and that can be beneficial in a lot of ways - particularly if you're carrying concealed.

Each type of holster can be beneficial, it just depends which situation you'll be finding yourself that determines which one may work best for you.

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