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Sher Khan
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My Two Cents worth

I received the LaserLyte trainer target for Fathers Day, complementing the .380 training cartridge I had purchased earlier. I think that, by now, my wife and I have saved the cost of several boxes of .380 cartridges by using the LaserLytes for practice. I am able to practice at home, any time I wish (which means nearly every morning), drawing, aiming, and "firing" at the target. After each round of practice I "shoot" the Display button to see where I have grouped my shots, then "shoot" the Reset for another round. My aim has improved, and I am improving in the speed and smoothness of my drawstroke with my .380 pistols. I am looking forward to getting .45 and 9mm training cartridges soon. One minor drawback is that, with the Ruger LCP and possibly with other pistols, the slide must be used to cock the piece before each shot. With the Bersa .380 using double action mode, there is no problem. I have recommended the LaserLyte system to friends, and think it is a very useful training tool, worth the initial outlay of funds.
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