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Ammo Advice --> Sig Classic .22

Hello everyone,

I'm seriously considering a .22 for my next pistol, and as I already have a SIG P220 elite stainless, I want a classic .22 P226 or P229, preferably in the E2 grip flavor. I was initially going to get a Buckmark, but my point in purchasing the .22 is to improve my abilities with my more serviceable calibers. I have two questions:

- Is there a performance difference, other than sigh radius, between the P226 and P229? I would imagine that the 229 may work better, as the slide is shorter, and therefore will cycle easier.

- What ammo have you had the best luck with? What hasn't worked? Is some kind cleaner than others? Keep in mind the ammo is only for range plinking use. My local range is only 25 yards max, if that matters.

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