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Thanks VA in LA,

Yes romp and stomp. I use the gun primarily for nuisance animal control on and around the farm. We back up to a large wooded area (about 1000 acres), we have several hundred animals on the farm, allot of which free range (foul), and we are surrounded by coyote, fox, and wolf. Im also told their are big cats in my proximity, but have seen no tracks as of yet. I dont want to have 2-3/4 #8 bird shot in my gun when I run across a big cat staring me down.

I have found the deer slugs to be awfully accurate up to 150' considering your shooting a gun with no "real" sights. It might shoot farther with some accuracy, but that is all the farther out Ive target shot with it, just to get a feel for the shells.

Im not sure how much kinetic energy a 1.0oz slug carries, but its significant, for I put one through one of our old pickups, it when through four layers of sheet metal, and was still flying straight when it came out the other side.

I figure I will shoot the largest affordable load I can get into the gun, then it occurred to me that the large loads may take a toll on it at some point.

Ive recently had to shoot a raccoon 4 times. Shot him 3 times @ 50' with 2-3/4 #8 bird shot, he didnt really seem to mind, I then slide in a 3" magnum 00 and knocked him over, and put him out. It was at that time I decided that Im going to just buy the big stuff, so Im only buying magnums. Not sure I do enough shooting to screw up my shoulder, but those loads sure get some work done, and you know your shooting them.

Not sure if its my imagination, but that 11-87 shooting magnum loads, has more recoil than my BAR .300 winmag with a brake. Which I did not expect out of a automatic shotgun. Have not tried shooting the mags out of my 870 yet, not sure Im going to try it...
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