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I've bought probably 3 dozen or more guns off of Gun Broker, mostly C&R black powder cartridge revolvers, a couple antiques, both revolvers & rifles, & a few modern firearms... I've never gotten screwed... I did get one crappy condition gun, ( but I knew it was pretty ugly before I bought it, & the price was cheap )

only buy from sellers with high ratings, & with whom will communicate with you & answer your questions...

only buy from sellers that offer good pictures of what you are looking at...

better to pass on what seems like a good deal, if you can't get your questions answered before the auction ends, or get better more clear pictures if those provided were blurry, than to get stuck with something that you aren't happy with

with a single six, the guns are very durable, so cosmetics would be the most likely disapointment... make sure they show pictures of all sides of the gun... ( BTW... with most good quality pics, the gun looks worse in the picture than in real life... so showing any flaws is not difficult if the seller is being honest ) the only other issue might be with your local FFL, check to see what they'll charge you to recieve & do the paperwork... this can be anything from $10-20, to more than anyone would sainly pay ( my local FFL charges $30.00 )
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