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I actually agree with what you have to say Double Naught Spy. But it's exactly the reason I don't take stock in gun reviews of any gun rag. There's sometimes good non-review articles, and it's always nice to look at the pretty pictures of all the guns. It appears that Gun Test magazine's process isn't completely blind either. Certainly, they aren't shilling for a particular company, but from what I'm reading here, they have their own problems and biases. Like selecting one rifle that did worse than the other two in accuracy and other tests simply because it was an AR platform.

Again, I've never read Gun Test, and I don't plan to unless I come across a copy in the Doctors office (highly unlikely) that I can look through. I've come to trust the guys at the gun shop, and the guys that run my local range. They have no problem telling me about guns they constantly see problems with. That's my first filter. My second filter is when I rent or borrow a gun to test it out. I've heard very little bad about Sig Sauer, like, ever (except the one time the gun shop owner told me they have seen nothing but trouble with the Sig 250, which contradicts basically everything you read in the gun rags), but I don't like them, and will never own one for myself (my wife's first and only handgun is a Sig P2022, which she loves, and I hate). I haven't found a Sig yet that feels good in my hands. I have pretty thick and meaty hands and I physically can't pull the trigger on my wife's 2022 without modifying my grip greatly (my thick finger binds up on the trigger guard and I can't physically pull the trigger back far enough to fire).

Having said that, if your first filter is a gun rag, as long as you're doing your own homework and not believing everything you read, then there's no problem using any gun rags review. For me, I don't believe anything they say. If I did, I'd own a Judge, because after all, it was gun of the year!
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