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I agree the wheelgun is a great option for carry because of minimal manipulation. At times I carry a sp101 4" .357. But reloading, even with speedloaders took time to become second nature. Now I mean going from my simultaneously unloading and reaching for my loader in a carrier, (one handed unloads ain't easy), loading, and being back ready without taking my eyes off target, even harder without a loader when you keep your eyes down range. But dry fire drills and dummy round drills are the best way for me, I train in front of a mirror to watch my mechanics, in the dark to perfect manipulation. Then test myself in the field. Reloading is important because most thugs travel in packs. God forbid you empty your weapon in a punk jacked up on pcp only to look up and see 2 of his homies coming. You got 4 sec or less to reload, or you can race bullets, or a machete wielding punk on pcp.
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