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Sold my .45 to buy strictly 9mm ammo and master my carry system

As the thread states, I took some careful time and thought about my priorities and my vision for improving as a defensive shooter. My Sig GSR 1911 was a sweet piece and shot with absolute perfection....but honestly I came to the decision that I want to now place my focus on mastering my Glock26 9mm carry system.

I dont have funds that permit me to be a true gun "collector" so instead I will finally take up SD classes that Ive been putting off for some time now. I can now consistently hit 6" groups on standing paper targets from about 18 yards which is good for its time to learn low light and high stress training at my local gun club.

Not trying to sway anyone one way or the other...but for those of you out there like me who have a few guns spread all over in terms of trigger actions, calibers, and sizes and still lack timing and accuracy with your might be wise to consolidate to a dominant caliber...master it....then possibly move up to a .45 later.

For me anyways, this makes the most sense. I will now have about $700 tp spend on ammo & gear
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