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Originally Posted by Hugh Damright
I seem to disagree.

There was a time when Virginians had British Troops here, supposedly for our well being, but really to our detriment, and we declared that a standing army was a danger to our liberty, and that the proper defense of a free State is the people of that State, organized into well regulated militia. It was not just a matter of the individual right of Virginians to be armed, we had that when the British Troops were here, there is another principle involved.

After the Civil War there was a time when Virginia was ruled by federal troops ... I think we had some individual RKBA, but I don't think we had the Second Amendment ... in fact, at one point President (Andrew) Johnson declared that the Second Amendment was being violated.
We have a misunderstanding, is all. The ability to form a militia DEPENDS on the 2A but the 2A is not ABOUT the militia. The militia is only a piece. What it's about, is freedom.
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