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The Beretta 92 is one of the nicest shooting 9mm out there. I've owned it and the PX-4.

The only complaint is that it is the most complex gun that I know of to clean the firing pin and extractor. Every time I see someone shooting one at the range I ask them if they've cleaned the firing pin and extractor and the answer is alway "No". So the good thing is that the Beretta keeps working. The bad thing is that when it stops it will probably have to go to the gunsmith for cleaning.

I bought a American Gunsmithing Institute video that showed me how to completely disassemble and re-assemble the 92. I did it once and decided that I would never do that again. So I sold it through Texas Gun Trader.

My advice is this: for the price of the Beretta you can have the G34. It shoots even better then the Beretta and it is simple to maintain.

Here's a video from the History Channel. First it talks about the Benelli M-4 then it talks about the Glock 34

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