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Pretty sure they only make ONE casting.
Not quite – I was planning to fit the 2lb hopper to one of my Competition/Uniflow measures, but after contacting RCBS I found out the following:

The casting for the 'Quick Change', 'Uniflow' and 'Competition' measures are the same size, so the hoppers can be mixed and swapped. The 'Quick Change High Capacity' measure has a larger casting, so the hopper is not compatible with the other measures.

The capacities of the measures are approximately as follows
  • Uniflow/Competition - 1/2 lb
  • Quick Change - 1 lb
  • Quick Change High Capacity - 2 lbs
Quick Change part numbers and prices (August 2012) to upgrade the capacity of a Uniflow or Competition measure to 1 lb:
  • 7109025 Quick Change Powder Hopper $ 7.95
  • 7189029 Quick Change Powder Hopper Cap $ 1.95
  • 90226 Quick Change Baffle $ 11.95

Manuals with part numbers and exploded diagrams:

Quick Change
Quick Change High Capacity

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