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The 9mm, in a full size handgun is truly a soft shooting piece...the Colt Series 70, 9mm shown below is just that and as accurate as any 9 mm I've ever shot. It's been upgraded in a cpl respects: target trigger, Wilson bushing, and some mild rail tightening. That said, a 32 oz. pistol is better suited, I think, to a larger caliber.

Pistol design, if you include the polymer frame types, has allowed for a lighter gun that still preforms of the FN's, or a Sig 226 would be my choice, or the Glock 19 or 17, LOL, if you don't mind fugly in a pistol. My wife's G-19 has a 1300 round of 100% reliability, but it's a sometimes bedstand gun for her due to its size.

As to the Beretta 92, it's well made, but larger than it needs to be for the round it fires...actually bigger than the 1911 it replaced...but if it fits your hand, and you like it...why not?

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