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Crow Hunter, the intended use is a personal defense/duty weapon.
Then based on my very limited experience and research I wouldn't pick any on your original list.

For a "duty grade" .308 AR type you are going to have to spend north of $2,000.

LMT, SCAR and KAC are the only ones that have ever actually been used in combat, if that is important to you. (It would be for me for a "duty grade" rifle)

I have held a LMT. (Actually it was ordered for me but I decided I didn't want it) It was VERY heavy.

I am currently babysitting a SCAR 17 and I have fired it quite a bit.

If it is something you are planning on carrying around, I would choose the SCAR 17 over any of the AR versions that I have handled or shot.

My reasoning is it is combat tested, and it is quite a bit lighter than even it's closest competitor.

The Larue PredatAR (one of the lightest AR .308 variants) that I am also baby sitting is a little bit heavier and quite a bit more nose heavy. However, it is signficantly easier to shoot and more accurate than the SCAR.
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.
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