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OK... as far as accuracy goes ( BTW... I own an old Ruger Gov Target Model... & a New Single 10 )

my auto is more accurate than my revolver ( in my hands ) ... & I normally shoot a revolver better than an auto... I'm guessing most who shoot both will find the same thing

( no the single 10 does not come with a mag cylinder )

yes the autos are difficult to strip, if you don't do it very much... if you shoot the gun alot, after a couple times, it'll be a piece of cake... I save my strip instructions in the case my auto is in, because I don't shoot it as much as several other guns... but in all fairness, I don't find the need to fully strip it every time I shoot it either... BTW... I have after market rubber grips on my auto & like the grip feel alot ( again this is still a revolver guy talking )

faster reloads... it's actually much faster to reload a 10 round magazine than it is to load 10 into the single action cylinder... the clicks on the gun don't line up with the chambers, & they are so close together, that I often find I went too far, & need to do a full rotation to get the cylinder fully loaded...

I find the single 10 to be a "neat" gun, but much less practical than the single six when it comes to actual shooting & I think I'm going to keep my old auto as well... as far as shootability, the auto takes it...

however as far as those reduced loads & specialty ammo, I think you'll find the revolvers can handle whatever you want to run through them, & the semi will in effect be a single shot with most of it

& BTW... the gun store guy that commented on the revolver... blaaa blaaa... if it were me, I'd let the verbage he's spewing go in one ear & out the other... it's too bad, but I hear just about as much "crap" coming out of the mouths of gun store employees, as I do ingnorant customers
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