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Interesting thread. Reminds me of when I was a Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructor, and found out how many men weren't "allowed" to have a motorcycle by their wives. I've been married to the same woman for 46+ years, and she has always feared and hated guns. Despite my trying for much of those 46 years she has never been even willing to try shooting, even for her own self defense when I am not around. She knows that I own guns, but doesn't ask me how many I have, and I don't ever talk about guns to her. She does know that I keep one loaded handgun available for home defense and have others in a safe, but that's about it. She would not have a clue if asked how many guns or how much ammo I have, any more than I would know if asked how much fabric she keeps on hand, or how many quilts she is working on, etc. Part of this is a matter of money, i.e., really significant purchases, like $15,000 for a new motorcycle, is something I would not do without talking with my wife, but $500 for a gun is fortunately something I can do without affecting the household finances. And to keep the peace, I don't get in her face about guns, like the one I bought yesterday and can pick up in 3 days. I'll just quietly get it, put it away and not make an issue out of it. After I drop dead she can fret over the guns and do with them whatever she wants to do.
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