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I don't know if it is an older model or not. Mine looks like that one.

The Eotech magnifiers are going for around $550. A quick detach base is going to run around $150.

I have no knowledge of the Strikefire sight.

The Eotech magnifiers are designed to work with the Eotech series of sights.

My first optical sight for a DPMS Panther is an Aimpoint and the magnifier behind it is an Aimpoint.

I mis-spoke when I said I have an Eotech magnifier. It is not. Mine is Aimpoint.

That being said, the unit seems identical to the Eotech magnifier.

I belive L3 is a conglomerate of companies and I am not sure of the relationship, if any, between L3, Eotech and Aimpoint.

I am not sure if any of this helps or not

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