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Today, between the gangs, the whackjobs and potential terrorism, it's possible that you find yourself in a situation where a 50 yard shot doesn't seem unreasonable. Inside a multi-story shopping mall,
***You should be running. Unless they’ve gone shopping mall ninja and understand the concept of defilade, its better for you to be gone. Also, please find me an instance of this, ever.

a movie theater parking lot,
***How on earth is someone popping effective rounds at you in a parking lot from 50 yards? It must be an empty parking lot. Again, to quote the movide Dodgeball “duck, dodge, duck, dodge, duck”
in a parking garage, perhaps.
***Again, it must parking garage. Absent being the President who exactly is taking a shot at YOU at 50 yards?

At least knowing that you can make the shot helps increase your options for survival.
***NO it means you’re wasting valuable training time on nonsense.

Back in ancient times when I was younger we would have fun shooting at rocks at 200 yards with revolvers (44s and 45 long colts). It was fun and you could be effective at it. But it had no consequence in a real world scenario.

I'm trying to contemplate the self defense situation where one legally defends oneself in a 50 yard shootout with someone.

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