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Training should focus on the most probable events and circumstances. Those will generally be close-quarters engagements and probably half will be in low-light conditions. But we should not neglect training for some of the less-likely (but still probable) situations, like a 25 or even a 50 yard shot.

Of course, the likelihood that you'll ever use such long range shots is very low. Statistics tell us so.

My early training was in the 70's. Service revolvers were still king in our holsters and with only 6 rounds, accuracy was paramount. (Speed is fine, accuracy is final!) But during that time we were also pushed to shoot accurately at 50 yards. We should push ourselves to practice at 50 yards today too, for much the same reasons.¹

In the 70's, there were a number of "radical groups" and several were infamous for attacking police using rifles. They recognized that a handgun is a great tool "up close" but not so good at 50-75 yards. I recall the instructor's words;
Fifty yards for a rifle is like 10 yards with your revolver. It's almost hard to miss someone. But fifty yards is still within range of your weapon, IF you learn to shoot it properly.

Another point made by our instructors was that the further you can shoot accurately, the easier it will be to learn to shoot close up. Those long shots require you to practice good habits - aiming, breathing, squeezing the trigger and follow through.

Today, between the gangs, the whackjobs and potential terrorism, it's possible that you find yourself in a situation where a 50 yard shot doesn't seem unreasonable. Inside a multi-story shopping mall, a movie theater parking lot, in a parking garage, perhaps. At least knowing that you can make the shot helps increase your options for survival.

¹ With weapons appropriate to the task. No one expects you to take 50 yard shots with a Kel-Tec .32 or a .380 pistol.
² Oddly enough, in two large malls here, the food courts are 50 yards wide.
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