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Thank you for the kind welcome. And I do get your drift about not just posting to gain exposure for our shooting school, or handload consulting or whatever...

I have done free OCW consulting for years... and through forums like this one, I do plan to continue helping as many in the shooting community as I can--free of any charges. When I began shooting and handloading, lots of folks helped me by offering sound advice, and much of that sound advice came through internet forums like this one. And it's always good to "pay it forward" whenever possible.

You have some great handloading advisers here, and I know I can't add a whole lot to that body of knowledge. But what I can do is help interpret OCW test targets, or give suggestions as to good bullet and powder combinations which might help a rifleman find the load he's looking for.

It sounds like this board is run as a true service to the shooting community, rather than just some financial endeavor--and that's refreshing to know, especially after another forum I checked with wanted 2400 dollars for a six month ad, and that was the minimum they offered. Small time folks just can't get their foot in the door there.

I'll hang around as much as I get time to, and hopefully I can contribute something useful.

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