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Mr Pond, My curiosities are about to worry me silly. What brands of ammo, scope(s), other such shooting accessories are you using? I used to scour European sporting sites just to see what's out there and not available to us there in the States.
Well, my choices are somewhat limited because, despite being part of the EU free market, my country of residence is very small and thus, so is the market.

My rifles are both CZ. One is a 550 lux, the other this little gem of a 452. On the 550 I have a Burris XTR 312 3-12x50, and on the 452 a modest, but effective Nikon Porstaff 3-9x50. The Nikon also has Butler Creek flip-ups. I hope to get others for the Burris. I have a silencer for both .22s.

In terms of ammo, for the 550, .308s sold are from S&B, Barnaul, PPV, Sako, Norma, Lapua, Brenneke, Fiocchi etc... On the .22 front, I can choose from CCI, S&B, Fiocchi that are widely available, but I actually tend toward Rifle .22s from Geko in my MkIII and Lapua GMBH .22s for the 452.

Hunting is probably more widespread than handgun shooting so handgun accessories are a bit more limited, especially things like holsters. For rifles, one can find stuff, but one shouldn't expect masses of choice and cheap prices. Typically, stuff here will be a good 60% or more in price than what you might pay in the States. But then, the population is less than what you might find in a district of NY city: 1.3 Million! No surprise that prices are high!

I have bought a lot of my gear from the UK: all my scopes and reloading gear, for example. My holsters are were bought in Phoenix, by my Dad, when he was visiting, purely because no one sold what I wanted here. The rest of my stuff came locally. My 3rd MkIII mag will probably come from Germany...

Maybe I misunderstood . I took this as he felt there was only one post that answered his question . If I read that wrong I am trully sorry
No, not at all!

All it was, was that that particular poster had a sig line stating that it took 6.25 years to reach 100 posts and that he now only had 121 posts. Hence it implied that only truly worthy subjects would warrant a post from this member and a post on my thread could be seen as kudos points for me!! That's all: no derision for other answers, though.

The rest of the post was just having a giggle at the full spectrum range of answers and opinions!!

I won't stop cleaning, but it does tell me I can probaby afford to stop being so an@l about it...
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