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BigJimP - ditto Rodfac - I am old and have begun to pass on my guns (mostly the classic ones) to my sons and sons-in-law, stipulating that certain of them must remain within the family as heirlooms. The ones that I bought new, I don't put restrictions on but the ones that were passed on down to me, I want to stay in the family forever, if possible.

It is an odd state of life, I have to admit. When my dad gave me the family guns, those were important moments but didn't seem quite as sentimental as now. That might well have been because at the time I was the recipient, not the passer-downer.

Most women do not understand this. I suppose that if dogs lived to be 200 and you could pass down your blue-tick hound, women might have a better understanding of guns as Individual Things of Great Importance.
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