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Is that a 5-shot or 6-shot? Very few of the 5-shots were made and all were the Alaskan (barrel just about even with the front of the frame).

Are there scallops for a scope mount in the frame? The Alaskan model (2.5" barrel) did not have the scallops. Only the 7.5" and 9.5" Super Redhawks have the scallops.

If it has the scallops, you have a gun that was probably shortened by a gunsmith after the gun left Ruger's factory and the finish on the frame likely applied at the same time.

Got pictures?

If it is a 5-shot, grab it up. Stronger and rarer. I have been wanting one in 7.5" barrel ever since they came out, but unfortunately, none of those were ever made.

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