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Did I Miss Something?

Yesterday I sold a pistol and the guy had a stainless P232 he wanted me to buy. Although it felt good in my hand I was not interested as I have a new P238 and will not use the .380 for anything but plinking and to shoot varmints around my house and the occassional times I cant cc anything else. Anyway, he wanted $500 and he indicated the value was more as it was a German made gun............I ignored this because I felt that was not a good deal. On my way home I started thinking about it some. I don't remember seeing Exeter, NH stamped on the pistol. It did have the usual Kurz 9mm on it.

Sometimes I buy neat guns and shoot them for awhile and then sell them with a little profit built in. It gives me a chance to experience a lot of different guns.

Did I miss a good deal?
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