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I don't bash Taurus because I haven't owned one yet. Would I buy one? Probably, if it fit my parameters. If I wanted a .410 nightstand gun, I'd look for a Governor, but if a new Judge were half the price, I'd probably buy it instead. Why? Because the number of times I am likely to fire that particular gun is very, very little, so I don't care if it is good for 2,000 rounds at any number of minutes of angle.

One of my favorite Flintstones guns is a Llama IXA .45ACP. It rattles like a martini shaker. Take it apart and it looks like it was carved with a hand chisel. But it feeds everything, reliably, and is amazingly and consistently accurate (not to Gold Cup standards, of course) relative to its construction. And it is still going strong after forty years - I would bet my life on it.

IMO, judgments about firearms ought to be relevant to their use - the number of rounds expected to be fired through them and the degree of accuracy expected as of the day of purchase, measured against the price paid and the competition.
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