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It is unpossible, I suppose, that the manufacturer managed to buy that self same gun on the open market ( who would keep a gn they found to be craptastic?) ......... and took it to another gunrag that would shill for them?
First of all, never read Gun Tests, and I generally stay away from must gun mags except to look at the pictures, and ignore the articles.

That said, you should have read the attached forum post. Gun Tests say they buy all their guns. Manufacturer of the gun says they sent the gun to them as an evaluation piece. They said that a month prior, they sent it to American Handgunner (who I will admit, could be a shill) who had a completely different experience. Then, a week after they returned said firearm, it was given to Mas Ayoob to shoot, and he had a different experience than Gun Tests did.

Again, the possibility of a shill is still there, but it might be worth accepting the possibility that Gun Tests isn't 100% accurate/truthful when it comes to their reviews. As for me, I don't care. The best evaluation for me, is my own. I don't care what a gun rag says.

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