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The local contract Post Office will not deliver to a street address, saves on hiring drivers/buying trucks/gas, (THEIR gas), etc., so we all have to go to the post office for our mail. No choice in the matter. So everything that is small goes to the PO box, and everything that gets shipped UPS/FedEx goes to the street address. So when I paid for UPS Ground shipping to my street address, and they shipped instead via this abortion called Mail Innovations, my package was sent back as undeliverable, as there was no PO Box number on it.
The rest of the actions of the company and they're incredible actions is documented above.
Oh, by the way, when I responded to these e-mails I received an auto-reply that someone would contact me within 6-12 hours. That was 72 hours ago.

Really, don't trust these people with your money.
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